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So what do I do?

Boris Can't Get Clean 2020.jpg

Boris Can't Get Clean
Royal Academy Summer Show 2020

Common sense discarded.jpg

Common Sense Discarded, Digital drawing from  personal photograph

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Quick Idea: Tory Story Badge 2019

I'm an artist from London, making artwork on politics for about 7 years now. Throughout this time, I've often wondered how we keep sane when following politics. When I listen to practically anything in parliament, the jargon is incessant. Why can't they keep it simple and say it like it is? It’s not rocket science. We all know Jacob Rees-Mogg isn't an honourable member, so why do we have to pretend that he is? I don't like seeing my art as work. My art tries to simplify and make politics fun and approachable to all. I make fun stuff for people who want to get into politics, but struggle, and I also make stuff based on what I'm into at that moment.


My tools at the minute from my home are graphite, ink, and oil and chalk pastels, along with my trusty Wacom One. I try to be informative, but it's complicated when there's so much misinformation out there. Politics is constantly being rewritten, with the government not knowing how to handle it, particularly with Coronavirus. Every government department passes the buck, which gets to the point where no one knows what's going on within the Westminster bubble, let alone outside. My politics play is humorous and helps to make people understand through colour, comedy and caricatures. It's turning an asinine comment of great importance said by a politician (cough, Trump, Boris) into fun. Because if you can't laugh at your own country's woes, you cry instead and that’s not right!


Every day, I visit the NewsNow website to find out the political stories I should be focusing on. I use stills of politicians’ faces to caricature them. I also visit Facebook comment sites and cartoonist Twitter pages. This aims to build a narrative in my head. 

I want you to look at my work as a bit of light relief, rather than anything to get bogged down in. I even try and space it out a little, by doing a little life drawing now and again. 

And if you need mental health support call the Samaritans on 116 123