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House of Lord Illustration- step into a frenetic mind talking about chaotic politics


Something's got to change

My name is Eliot Lord. I am a London-based cartoonist/illustrator trying to find my feet in the world of political commentary. I am not a politician but this page is a manifesto of sorts- an artist manifesto. Prepare for a palaver of Parody. 

I love making and MY ART is like a game to me. It's fun, it's joyful and it's hopeful. 

I have most recently been in the Political Cartoon Organisation's Political Cartoon Exhibition at the Duke of Greenwich where I lampooned politicians and Green Grads, where I poured water on their climate policy. I've been in a few EXHIBITIONS.

My work is inspired by lies that politicians tell and taking them up on them.

Look at Trump mocking a politician with Cerebral Palsy.
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Trump wasn't the start and he won't be the end of mockery of disability or flagrant lies as we see in Parliament on a near weekly basis. Don't get me wrong. This isn't a slag off all politicians website. Many are good, but we need to understand that society needs to work better and everything is political.  Look around you now. The phone or laptop or computer that you're reading this website on,  all made in a country far away, by people probably paid a pittance through slavery and unpaid labour. Look at the road outside your house, the street lights, the cars- everything contributes to networks that politicians would say drive the ecconomy. These are all political things, or things brought about through politics. Even popping around to THE SHOP is political with prices rising due to inflation and political mismanagement- here's looking at you Truss. 
Boris as Basis Brush

All of this is political, everything is but it's important to have A LAUGH to. We need more dialogue around politics, and we need to make it simpler and humour and brevity are parts of this. If a manifesto's overall message cannot be described in a sentence then it might as well be written in ancient Aramaic for the good it will do.  

At time of writing, the Tories have been in office for over 5000 days. How they've lasted that long is because of a broken electoral system that they have exploited. The disUnited Kingdom is one of the only countries in the world that still uses the first-past-the-post voting system and most countries have a better electoral system than us.

Labour don't seem to recognise this and it is to their detriment. If we had an electoral system that was representative we could lock the Conservatives out of power for ever.



Astoundingly basic political messaging

Chris Waywell, Time Out Magazine

"Brilliant/terrifying 3D take on my drawings"
Ben Jennings on the Party Politics Pinocchio Piñata

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