By Gar It's Been A While

Sorry, I seem to have taken an incredibly long break, and over the Easter period a lot has occurred. Today is The Great Unlock, at least for England, but if you are in Wales you have different rules to if you are in England and if it's in Scotland it's even more complicated. You can't get a pint in Wales from your local boozer yet, but can go to other non-essential shops. In England, you can get a pint from your local boozer, and can also visit all non-essential retail, and in Scotland you can do none of that until the 26th of April. What a palava! Meanwhile, Prince Philip has died and we find out that Dodgy Dave was even Dodgier than we realised, with his lobbying of the government for millions of pounds exposed in The Sunday Times on the 21st of March. It's since grown into an even bigger story with an eventual apology from Mr Cameron. But hypocrisy stalks Cameron as he tried to block this kind of lobbying from being illegal in 2014. Does anyone else feel like they've been done over?

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