Looking away now for some reason

I am somewhat outraged to hear that on Sunday Keir Starmer called for unity in the face of the invasion of Ukraine against Russia and that we cannot and should not attack Boris Johnson on Partygate now. Prime Ministers can and have quit in the past in times of international crises and Boris Johnson should be no exception to this idea.

At this point, we should be looking at the ludicrous government action on Ukraine, with only fifty refugees being accepted from Ukraine to Britain compared to several hundreds of thousands of refugees. In their scrupulous attempts to maintain an "unbiased" perspective on news, the BBC reports today that Poland, Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia have taken the most refugees in from Ukraine; they do not however mention anything about the UK effort besides Boris Johnson mentioning that the UK could take in up to two hundred thousand refugees. There is still a vast difference between the one million refugees Poland has taken in and the two hundred thousand that the UK has said they can accept. The ambition of the UK in this regard is absent, and it could be a throwback to the criticism they previously made on Open Door Migration when Labour was in power.

Annoyingly Labour are not doing any better in regards to accepting Ukrainian refugees wholeheartedly. This is demonstrated by Keir Starmer's supposed reluctance to call for Visa-free travel from Ukraine to the UK. Why would Labour take such a position when Keir Starmer has been critical of the government every step of this journey?

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