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A Bit About Me


Me, talking to an observer at the Mycelium show in Newcastle in 2022

I approach my work with dynamism but where did that all begin? Well, I was born in London in 1997 to a very politically engaged but not politically active family in London. My mother is a WASPI (Woman against State Pension Inequality) and my father is a police officer, so there's no escaping politics in my family. I'm the only one doing satire though. I am a proud member of Artists Union England and a prouder member of the Professional Cartoonists' Organisation. I've studied in two art schools, Kingston School of Art for four years on my Foundation and BA and from 2019-2022 in Newcastle University's School of Fine Art and Cultures on my MFA. Keeping drawing is key for me as it gives a sense of purpose. I have down days of course but you can't spend too long down, otherwise, you're out of the loop!!!

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