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I dunno what day it is but it's gonna be a long one if it's not the weekend


The people that let a crazed asylum seeker who was a sex offender that wanted to hurt women into this country are FAR more horrible and EVIL than someone like Suella braverman who simply wants to keep people in this country safe The ‘do gooders’ are the real evil ones
Sophie Corcoran, GB News

To call yourself 'plus size' is just a euphemism for being fat. Life is much easier when you're thinner. Big is not beautiful, of course a job comes down to how you look.
Katie Hopkins, UK Independence Party

It is a modus operandi established by your allies which has targeted Boris Johnson, transferred to Liz Truss and now moved on to me. But I have not been a Prime Minister. I do not have security or protection. Attacks from people, led by you, declared open season on myself and the past weeks have resulted in the police having to visit my home and contact me on a number of occasions due to threats to my person.
Nadine Dorries, former MP 

Fuck off back to France
Lee Anderson

My speaking style was criticised by no less an authority than Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was a low moment, my friends, to have my rhetorical skills denounced by a monosyllabic Austrian cyborg.
Boris Johnson

We need to keep debunking left-wing idiocy whenever we see it because it's divisive, disempowering & dangerous.

The countryside isn't racist. It's open & welcoming to  those who choose to enjoy it. Let's not create obstacles where none exist. 
Suella Braverman, on X

Further information came to light yesterday calling for decisive action, so I took decisive action. It is a huge thing to withdraw support for a Labour candidate during the course of a by-election. But when I say the Labour Party has changed under my leadership I mean it. 
Keir Starmer, Labour Leader

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