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I dunno what day it is but it's gonna be a long one if it's not the weekend

Honte Aux Grossiers Fanatiques
Shame on the crass Bigots

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Tory Turmoil Taking A Toll

The Conservatives are still failing and it's not entirely their fault for a change. The Electoral System we have is broken and is meaning more and more fringe groups are appearing within the Conservatives- The Northern Research Group, The European Research Group, The New Conservatives, The Common Sense Group, The Conservative Growth Group, The One Nation Caucus, the Conservative Democratic Group. All of these could be separate parties.

As Reform UK seeks to take the right wing Brexit-loving baton from the Conservatives seeming to do populism better than electorally the most popular Party in modern British political history, some people may wonder where do the Tories go from here? 

Brexit trading a land of milk and honey 

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Oh Sorry, that should read not a land of beef and cheese. The UK are not doing a trade deal with Canada over hormones in cattle. This is the latest "victory" in a long line of Brexit Boons. 

Brexit is well and truly done for and yet our two major political parties seek to draw out this prolonged pain. 


New Faction In The Tories... How Many Is That Now? 

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Truss is already gunning for a political comeback as she forms the Popular Conservatives. Nigel Farage is also interested... 

And that isn't seen as the kiss of death by leaders? Gees. . . 

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Labour Not Saying Much Yet

Labour are keeping their cards close to their chest although, if a released policy plan is to be believed there could be excitement come a general election. 

The Environment looks to be at the heart of Labour's plan, however the Press keep briefing that Mr Starmer will be scrapping the green investment of 28 billion that he has planned. 

Unless all polls are wrong, we know this guy is gonna be Prime Minister. 

Rupert Murdoch, the withered troll that lurks in all corners of our media better get used to Labour being in power and Britain having progressive policies for a change. 

What Labour are saying isn't great

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Labour have abandoned their 28 billion pound a yeargreen pledge and without good cause. This money was claimed by experts to be what Britain needed to make us meet our Green targets by 2040. This is a seismic error from Starmer, an otherwise fairly sensible looking man, sensible but dull as a dodo.

Climate policies are overwhelmingly popular among the public, despite what the mainstream media would have you believe. 20% of voters rate the climate as their top priority and it almost seems like Labour couldn't care less.  



A day after Rishi Sunak claims we're turning a corner, it was officially announced by the Office for National Statistics. 

This throws shade on the idea that the Conservatives are good at managing the economy and that austerity has been worth it for the economy. It's not helped. 

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